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Jiangsu ATE Polymers CO.,LTD
Jiangsu ATE Polymers CO.,LTD can be called short for ATE. It is the abbreviation for Adamant, Technology and Environmental. It means we unswervingly follow the road of science and environmental protection. ATE's mission is to "provide extraordinary energy for global rubber industry." "virtue, learning, implementation, and innovation" are 4 core values; to "independent innovation and cooperation"is ATE's business philosophy. Focusing on the development,producing and marketing of functional Rubber& Plastic promoters. Every products that ATE launched to the market have specific knowledge with patent rights and have a profound impact on quality and cost of terminal products. ATE providing better solutions for improving terminal products. At present, it has three production based in Jiangsu Changzhou, Jintan, and Dongtai.

Our employees



ATE is more like a community. A community share mutual "values" or "business concept" by its employees. ATE advocates employees' free development and make ATE advance continually under a mutual mission.
ATE is a comprehensve company, we welcome people with different knowledge and backgrounds to join ATE. ATE believed that employees are the greatest wealth.
We cared about the advance of every employee, ATE offers training opportunities and actively promote work attitude with safety, health, happy and work ethic with mutual support, caring and gratitude.


Research platform


introductionJiangsu ATE has built research, test and production institutions and other related branches in Yancheng,Jintan and other places. It has 50 R & D persons with master degree and a modern R & D platformarea of over 500 square meters. Jiangsu ATE have purchased advanced instruments and analytical equipment, such as: infrared infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), thermal analysis (TGA), TGA - FTIR spectrometer (TGA-FTIR), pyrolysis - gas chromatography - mass spectrometry combined with (Py-GC-MS), etc. To ensure product quality of the company and develop new technologies and products. Company established close research cooperation with East China University of Technology, Hefei University of Industry, China University of Technology, Beijing University and other colleges. It also built graduates workstation, has undertaken a major scientific and technological achievements into the project, the Torch Program, rubber engineering technology centers, intellectual property and other governmental strategic plan project. The company has six high-tech products, 2 Jiangsu Province scientific and technological achievements 15 invention patents and 1 utility model patents.



Provide Energy For Polymer Industry

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