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Why dispersed zinc oxide has better performance?

Posted on Tue, 08 Mar 2016 09:44:12 GMT
The dispersed zinc oxide is our newly designed product. It is different from most zinc oxide that currently sell in markets. The most widely used zinc oxide in markets now is indirect method. The reason our product performs better is because the molecular structure of patented product. The dispersed zinc oxide is not all formed by zinc oxide. It has about 80% zinc oxide and 20% patent product. while indirect one is 99% zinc oxide, the other 1% is impurity and can be neglected.

During the process of rubber vulcanization, indirect zinc oxide will stick together to be a bigger ball. The reaction between sulfur, rubber and zinc will happen on the surface of this zinc oxide ball first and gradually goes inside of that. 75% of indirect zinc oxide will remain untouched after vulcanization. But our dispersed zinc oxide is different, the 20% patent product makes a change. That patent product is called Tzinc, T is a anion group with benzene ring,a bedded structure . 80% zinc oxide will be absorbed averagely into the bedded structured Tzinc so they won’t stick with each other. So, the zinc oxide will all be smaller round balls stick to Tzinc and react with rubber and sulfur more efficiently. Tzinc also has better solubility with rubber since they are all organic compound, this makes our product environmental-friendly. 

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