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How to test the mechanical properties of polymer materials?
First, the tensile properties testThe basic concept: In a tensile test, maintain this force state final, is to measure the tensile force until fracture so far, are exposed to the maximum tensile stress test known as the tensile strength of principle: Is t...
why rubber needs zinc oxide?
The natural rubber is viscous liquid and have no use for human. All rubber we see in daily life are vulcanized rubber. The vulcanized rubber have stronger internal molecular force and make the rubber a elastic solid rather than viscous liquid. Only vulca...
Why dispersed zinc oxide has better performance?
The dispersed zinc oxide is our newly designed product. It is different from most zinc oxide that currently sell in markets. The most widely used zinc oxide in markets now is indirect method. The reason our product performs better is because the molecular...
why zinc oxide comes out of rubber?
The zinc oxide is now widely used in rubber vulcanization. Indirect method is the most common way of making zinc oxide.It is called indirect method zinc oxide. The indirect method is burning zinc bulk. Then gather the zinc stream and cool it down. This m...

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