Forming Agent WY-55

Posted on Tue, 08 Mar 2016 10:20:11 GMT


Performance and character:

increase heat stability

promote flexible PVC plasticizing

make surface finish


  PVC is an important polymer material, it can be used in many fields. Adding big amount of plasticizer into PVC will make finished Products soft in order to manufacture PVC cables, mat and shoe sole.   

  Forming agent WY-55 is a new processing modifier specifically used in flexible PVC products. It is copolymerized with acrylates and aromatic metal material. Using forming agent WY-55 can significantly improve the rate of plasticizing, surface finish and heat stability of flexible PVC. 

Using effect 


                              not adding  4 minutes                                                  adding 3phr 4minutes

                        not adding                                                              adding 3phr

Usage and Dosage

 recommanded 2-5phr , used in PVC cables, tubes,reinforced hoses 


Product safety

Certified by SGS, in line with the EU reach requirements

Packaging Storage

Kraft paper bag, net weight: 25 kg; Store the product in a cool, ventilated, dry


Provide Energy For Polymer Industry

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